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A word from Rex Broad – founder and president of Dayspring Music Ministry.

A Dream Occurs...

This organization was born of a dream. I'm not one to remember my dreams, but I remembered this one! In my dream, I was in a room surrounded by people I didn't know – some in beds who were very sick, some standing off in a corner and some closer – all communicating at various levels of confusion or clarity. In the center of the room was a small box that played Christian hymns. Each person in the room had a reaction; some were calmed and had their anxiety relieved, others began to draw closer and sing along.


As I remembered the dream, I began to wonder how it could come to fruition – would it be possible that a small music box could provide peace and welcome memories to those who needed it? I knew I could manage a project, so I sought guidance from my Pastor, family and trusted friends. We made a prototype and tried it out with some local residents suffering from dementia. And sure enough, just as in my dream, these people became less agitated and some began singing along with the music. 

A Dream Realized...

At that point it was time to make the dream a firmer reality. We put together a very capable Board of Directors – a medical doctor, a music professor, business counselors, pastors and a worship leader – and got to work recording a few traditional Christian hymns. In our first 6 months, we have distributed over 200 Music Boxes to those in need. 

Feedback is positive, including:

"My sister is getting a lot of enjoyment from her Music Box, and it's compact enough that she can take it with her from room to room. It's nice to be able to give something that will last. Flowers are nice, but this gift is so much better!" – Ellen

And from another:

"My mom has late stage dementia. The Music Box playing in the background gives great peace to both my mom and the family." – Kent

Click Here to view more testimonials.

An Opportunity...

Based on the feedback, we're looking to take this project even further. We have plans to record some Christmas selections, additional traditional hymns, and some contemporary praise songs. Additionally, we are planning on doing some recordings in Spanish.

On this website , you’ll see a couple of ways to support this ministry. Prayer and Donations. The cost of the Music Box is now $1.00, made possible by generous donors and friends. The only request is a flat shipping rate of $9.95 to anywhere in the continental United States. Please consider donating so we may continue to gift these Music Boxes to those in need. Click here for more information.

Either way, we welcome your prayers to continue to make this initial dream a reality

and so much more. 


Rex Broad


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